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Loose lips sink business relationships: Stop talking about clients in public

If you’re working with agencies that talk about your business in public, you’re running a big risk. And if your company is full of gossips, get them to read this…

The Means has just secured its first office. We’re all delighted to have a home for a partnership that’s only a few weeks old at this point.

And while the tea and coffee making facilities, meeting rooms and delightful reception staff are all a bonus, there’s one big reason we’re pleased:

We now have a home where we can talk about business and collaborate together properly.

When we move in – in early March – we’ll be able to build things for our clients with the level of confidentiality and care that they expect.

Right now, we use our own homes to do sensitive work and keep our public discussions extremely general.

Certainly, you’ll never see a member of The Means team discussing a project on a train or in a cafe.

Neither do we work on presentations or other sensitive documents in public spaces. It just makes sense to be that careful. You can never be sure who you’re sharing a table with on a train or sitting beside in Starbucks.

In fact, when I wrote about all the business intelligence I heard this morning in a Starbucks branch at a major London station, Twitter blew up with other stories of less than discrete discussions people have overheard on public transport, restaurants and cafes.

We don’t have too many rules at The Means but one of our watch-phrases will always be “Loose lips sink business relationships.” If your teams tend to be a little too chatty when they shouldn’t be, perhaps you should introduce them to the idea today.

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