Teacher staring at empty lecture hall

Events don’t have to be eventful: how to avoid your message getting lost in the crowd

Just because a lot of people show up to your event, it doesn’t mean it was a success. There are more important things to consider than getting people through the door…

The Invisible Persons Support Group had a record turnout this month

Festivals are fun; lights, music, thousands of people sharing an experience. But you’re not a rockstar (at least not yet), so why are you trying to fill that conference hall with people that are uninterested in your machine-learning cloud-based smoothie maker?

Don’t let your voice disappear in the rafters. It’s better to deliver your message to people that really want to listen in an environment that they’re comfortable in. Even if that means no RFID-blocking business cards. These people will become your best ambassadors and will be singing your praises for months to come.

When the atmosphere is this good they’d probably actually listen to a keynote

All anyone wanted to talk about last year was a guy named Alexander Hamilton and as far as i can tell he hasn’t done much since the 1800s. In all seriousness Lin Manuel Miranda’s musical masterpiece was everywhere, but mostly because practically no-one could get a ticket and the only thing that will make people talk about your event more than going to it, is not.

Scarcity drives interest, this has been proven time and time again with jewellery, technology and supercars. Why should an experience be any different?

Look at that face, he doesn’t even care they’re in the nosebleed seats

I’m not a student anymore, I don’t seek out large crowds of strangers to spend my weekends with. Instead I’ll invite a few friends over, have some drinks maybe even play a game or two.

Bottom line? I much prefer having a small group of people that I can interact with on a meaningful level, and events don’t have to be any different.

Just because a convention or a huge expensive event looks pretty and provides lots of fodder for your upcoming powerpoint presentation, doesn’t mean it was worth it.

You need think about what your audience will say about the brand. Will they even remember your name?

Having grand plans is all well and good but often these plans need to be scaled back at the last minute to avoid going over budget. At The Means Agency, we prefer to focus on making sure that the scale of an event is right for the intended audience. Tailor-made always fits better than off the shelf.

Let us be your tailors and create a bespoke event for you. Contact us at events@themeans.rocks. We’re sure we can get the fit just right!