woman writing on notepad in coffee shop

Don’t call this a startup… Why we hate the s-word.

Startup culture can be a wonderful thing, but it doesn’t quite apply to us. Rosanna Elliott explains why we’ve come to realise that we’re something else entirely.

“To do: get an office so we can stop living in a coffee shop”

I get it. The term “startup” is appealing. It feels young, it feels ambitious. When you’re involved in a startup it feels like someone might make a movie about you someday. I’d imagine it would be something Cannes Festival appropriate, a business thriller that would grip you from start to finish. Don’t even try to pretend you haven’t fantasised about who you’d cast to play yourself and all of your colleagues, and of course all your choices were way more attractive than the real thing, that’s just how showbiz works!

If you enjoy referring to your new business a startup, then you go Glen Coco. We don’t feel like it fits us though.

Why? Because we aren’t really just starting out. Think of Cannes again; we aren’t like those under the radar actors, sick of playing “man in the cafe 1” or “woman waiting for a bus”. We aren’t waiting for our big break so much, we’ve seen our fair share of meaty roles. It’s more that we want to direct the movie now as well as acting in it.

We have quite a few years experience between the five of us

The Means Agency has, in total, 30 combined years of practice, one diploma, four degrees (six if you count Masters), over fifteen years experience of national and international press, over 10,000 articles under our belt, 5,000 hours of video recorded and a wealth of contacts across several industries including publishing, technology, and the music industry.

This is exactly wherein the problem lies, the term “startup” implies we’re starting from scratch. We aren’t. Instead we’re building on a pretty formidable foundation of industry experience.

We aren’t starting something, but we are being ambitious by taking a step in a new direction with our careers.

Yes, our agency is a new business but we aren’t new to the game.

You’ll never catch us pulling this face, we know exactly what we’re doing

There are some obvious advantages to flying the startup flag of course, the potential to attract investors, the sense of accomplishment that comes with learning on the job, the thrill of breaking new ground.We certainly aren’t here to put down startup culture. It can be a brilliant thing, and we strongly believe that the bright young things deserve all the success in the world.

All we’re suggesting is that while all startups are new, not all new businesses necessarily fit the startup stereotype.

We’ve been doing this for far too long to claim we’re newcomers to the industry.

If we were to do so it would be like Tom Hanks, Emma Watson, Daisy Ridley, Eddie Redmayne, and Tom Holland forming a collective and calling it The New Actors Guild For Unknown Talent. We don’t mean to brag, it’s just that we have no intention of being disingenuous about the levels of experience in our team. This isn’t our first rodeo!

If you want us to take a starring role in delivering top quality creative work for your business, then drop us a message on hello@themeans.rocks. We can’t wait to show you what we can do.