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Content isn’t king, it’s a peasant: Why the c-word is a terrible label for creative work

There’s a lot of nonsense words thrown around in marketing. Rosanna Elliott argues that the term content falls into that category…

Bunch of content right here. Turnipy content.

Content. It’s everywhere. But here at The Means, we aren’t content to call our work content (yep someone actually paid me to write that). I know, I know, it seems like I take issue with everything these days, what with my very recent post on why we don’t like the s-word, but consider this:

  1. I definitely do, but that’s okay because pedantry is fun
  2. There is actually a really compelling case for scrutinising the way we’re using language

So content is clearly in our bad books. The question is why? I’ll answer that question with a question: ‘What is content?’

I’ll give you a picture break to let you think about it.

A visual representation of how I must sound so far

Ok, times up. What is content? If you said either:

A.) the things that are held or included in something

B.) the material dealt with in a speech, literary work, etc. as distinct from its form or style


C.) information made available by a website or other electronic medium

Then congratulations, you’re a pro at googling the definitions of words. Sidenote: If you said that content is a warm fuzzy feeling, then….alright good one. Most importantly though hopefully you’ve noticed something.

That thing is that the word content is vague, impersonal, and indistinct.

 We don’t produce content like some sort of monstrous automated and soulless machine.

Would you want this thing writing your blog posts?

What we actually do is write articles, novels and poetry, devise and produce videos, plan events, design images, create marketing campaigns, and much more.

We put a lot into the things we create, and it’s sort of disheartening for the work we make to end up as this amorphous and throw away beast that is “content”. It’s like saying Mozart made noise.

When you come to us looking for material that will improve your brand communication, we won’t give you the sloppy promise of “content”, we’ll give you precisely what you want. Whether that’s a comprehensive social media programme, a series of blog posts, or a dynamic event.

If you have the project, we have the means to deliver it. We guarantee you’ll be content with the results. Get in touch at and tell us exactly what you want.