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Afraid your product is boring? It’s not and a good blog can help you prove that…

SaaS companies can struggle with communicating in an entertaining and informative way about their products. Rosanna Elliott explains why well written blog posts are an invaluable resource when looking to expand your reach and increase leads…

woman pretending to fall asleep

She probably went to drama school for this

We’ve worked with SaaS companies and we get it, sometimes you’re extremely proud of your product but it’s difficult to make it seem interesting to the uninitiated.

It’s not that your product is actually boring. It’s probably awesome, but SaaS products can struggle to speak for themselves.

A company blog is a great way to articulate your vision and the benefits of the product, getting people as excited about it as you are.

It can’t be any old blog though so here are a few pointers you need to bear in mind if your efforts are going to make a positive impact on your reach:

Here’s 3 ways to make sure your blog does the job:

1. Write about things people actually want to read about

So you’re blogging to extol the virtues of your product. That means every blog post you write should be hyper-focused on the intimate technical detail of your software, right?

Wrong. There’s a better model than going in with specificity and potentially alienating your audiences. If you pitch your posts to a wider crowd by starting off with a concept that strikes a chord, is relevant to current events, or otherwise piques interest you can bring in the details of your product effectively.

It’s not a trick to capture an unwilling audience, it’s a way to help your readers realize the wider relevance and benefits of your solution without a hard sell.

2. Ensure the tone is accessible

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A blog post shouldn’t feel like a lecture

A blog post is not a academic paper or a technical manual. The tone should reflect this. I’m not saying that everything you write has to be trendy, dynamic, and wryly funny, but you should at least write in a clear, punchy, and engaging style.

You’ll lose a lot of readers off the bat if you fail to make your writing understandable and digestible.

Along these lines, don’t be afraid of writing about what might seem obvious to you as a SaaS expert.

You aren’t writing for the inner circle usually, in fact it’s often the case that your product users see value in your software and sell it to executives and budgetholders.

Make sure you format your blog posts in a readable way. No one likes to trawl through reams of unbroken text with no salient subheadings or illustrative images.

3. Post regularly

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Anyone else still struggle to tell the time without the numbers?

Once your blog has a readership you don’t want to lose it by only posting sporadically. To make a significant impact, you need to be posting about 3–4 times a month; roughly once a week.

You might struggle to come up with new ideas at first, but once you get into the swing of things you’ll realize there’s always a jumping off point in tech news, current events, or product updates.

It’s simple, posting regularly makes sure that your audience stays engaged with your brand. The more write, the better (making sure you’re quality is consistent, of course). If you write it, they will come.

If you’re looking for people to really deliver on what a competent blog programme can promise, then get in touch at hello@themeans.rocks. We can help.